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  • Through The Lens Container

    Through The Lens Container

    $ 149.00
    This beautiful box is a lovely mix of mirrored glass and gold. It's the perfect decorative storage for remote controls... View Details
  • Moss Sphere - Small

    Moss Sphere - Small

    $ 20.00
    We've found the best moss sphere fillers for your home decor needs. They're full, round and rich in vibrant color.... View Details
  • Riviera Tray

    Riviera Tray

    $ 139.00

    Riviera Tray

    $ 139.00
    This beautiful tray has a nickel finish and is made of aluminum. Let it be the show-piece on your dining... View Details
  • Sculptured Spectacles

    Sculptured Spectacles

    $ 75.00
    Style your office with this unique eyeglass sculpture, in a beautiful antique silver color and made of heavy iron. 7"W... View Details
  • Tulip Vase - Large

    Tulip Vase - Large

    $ 119.00
    Bring elegance into your room with this simple, yet fun navy and white tulip vase. Perfect for flowers or used... View Details
  • Star Chasing Filler - Small

    Star Chasing Filler - Small

    $ 55.00
    Use this nickel-finished ball to complete a look by placing some in a tray or as a simple decorative accent... View Details
  • Sold out
    Ripple Texture Photo Frame - 5 x 7

    Ripple Texture Photo Frame - 5 x 7

    Sold out
    This elegant gold ripple texture frame adds elegance to your home.  A unique design that will be a treasure for... View Details
  • Coldwater Photo Frame - 4x6

    Coldwater Photo Frame - 4x6

    $ 65.00
    This frame has a striped pattern for an elegant look. It's beautiful, shimmery silver finish is contemporary and will perfectly... View Details
  • Ariel Vase - Small

    Ariel Vase - Small

    $ 95.00
    This vase is made of a beautiful iridescent sunset glass. The rich blue is accented with a beautiful soft gold.... View Details
  • Piatto Tray

    Piatto Tray

    $ 145.00

    Piatto Tray

    $ 145.00
    This stunning stainless steel tray exudes elegance. The handles are made of wooden horns and trimmed with iron. Use this beautiful... View Details
  • Silver Studded Tray Large

    Silver Studded Tray Large

    $ 185.00
    This elegant studded silver tray is a beautiful home accent. It can be displayed alone, on a stand or with... View Details
  • Thundering Cloud II

    Thundering Cloud II

    $ 1,599.00

    Thundering Cloud II

    $ 1,599.00
    Reminiscent of the ocean, this art is stunning with its' multiple shades of blue. The marble-like texture gives the appearance... View Details
  • Callard Band Midnight Pillow

    Callard Band Midnight Pillow

    $ 165.00
    This luxurious midnight blue pillow is a rich and smooth velvet with a patterned band around the center. Need a... View Details
  • Hucknall Iron Scroll Mirrored Tray - Small

    Hucknall Iron Scroll Mirrored Tray - Small

    $ 155.00
    This mirrored tray is set in a free form iron frame and finished in deep silver tones. Perfect for decorative... View Details
  • Stardust Vase - Large

    Stardust Vase - Large

    $ 119.00
    This beautiful vase is made of hand-blown glass, with metallic silver flecks embedded within the glass. It creates a shimmering... View Details
  • Grass/White Ceramic

    Grass/White Ceramic

    $ 75.00
    Bring nature into your home with this simple, but realistic grass in a white ceramic pot. Style it with other... View Details
  • Sold out
    Aluminum Jack

    Aluminum Jack

    $ 145.00

    Aluminum Jack

    Sold out
    Relive a popular childhood game with this table top jack. Use it as a fun accent on a bookshelf or... View Details
  • Toreen Vase - Large

    Toreen Vase - Large

    $ 129.00
    This gorgeous, etched vase is truly a piece of art. A deep navy blue, use it in a contemporary setting on... View Details
  • Faux Bois Round Vase

    Faux Bois Round Vase

    $ 179.00
    Add instant style to your home decor with this gorgeous aluminum hand-crafted silver vase.  Use it on a tablescape or... View Details
  • Carmen Vase

    Carmen Vase

    $ 335.00

    Carmen Vase

    $ 335.00
    This vase is stunning and a unique piece of art. Add multiple pops of color by using one statement piece... View Details
  • Venezia Tray - Small

    Venezia Tray - Small

    $ 145.00
    This beautiful gondola tray is the perfect statement piece for a dining table or buffet. Use it as is or... View Details
  • Bora Vase - Large

    Bora Vase - Large

    $ 105.00
    This lovely blue and green vase is simple, yet stunning in its' color and shape. Place it in any room... View Details
  • Tibetan Sheep Hide Pillow - Teal

    Tibetan Sheep Hide Pillow - Teal

    $ 169.00
    These lovely fur pillows are luxurious and plush and bring instant elegance to a room. No matter where you place... View Details
  • OK Sign - Brass

    OK Sign - Brass

    $ 139.00

    OK Sign - Brass

    $ 139.00
    Let everyone know you're OK with this fun hand sign. Place in on a bookshelf in your office and add... View Details
  • Sold out
    Cordelia Sculpture - Large

    Cordelia Sculpture - Large

    Sold out
    Textured branches of coral reach in every direction from this charming coral sculpture. Perfect for an ocean enthusiast, this small... View Details
  • Quest Vase - Large

    Quest Vase - Large

    $ 85.00
    This stylish vase is a gorgeous navy blue offset with light blue etched circles. This beautiful vase will look stunning... View Details
  • Canoe Bowl - Turquoise/Beige

    Canoe Bowl - Turquoise/Beige

    $ 245.00
    All curved lines and gleaming edges, this exquisite Polish art glass bowl is an optical feast. The interior bottom portion... View Details
  • Aqua Ombre Vase Large

    Aqua Ombre Vase Large

    $ 129.00
    This beautiful vase reminds us of the ocean blue waters and its calm waves. One of the hottest colors of... View Details
  • Canica Vase - Large

    Canica Vase - Large

    $ 210.00
    This curvy blue and green glass vase is perfect for a subtle pop of color. Its' clear frame adds depth... View Details
  • Spring Poem I

    Spring Poem I

    $ 1,225.00

    Spring Poem I

    $ 1,225.00
    This custom art epitomizes spring, a time of transition and renewal, with its multiple shades of blue. Be reminded of a... View Details
  • Miranda Silver Pillow

    Miranda Silver Pillow

    $ 149.00
    We love this beautiful pillow with its uneven shades of light and dark gray. It offers just the right touch... View Details
  • Amorphous Glass Vase - Medium

    Amorphous Glass Vase - Medium

    $ 219.00
    This faceted glass vase displays the master craftsmanship and artistry of glass blowers. The shape catches the light beautifully displaying... View Details
  • Aluminum Bark Frame - 4x6

    Aluminum Bark Frame - 4x6

    $ 69.00
    This frame is a uniquely textured design and has the look of a tree bark. It's beautiful, shimmery silver finish... View Details
  • Isadora Vase - Small

    Isadora Vase - Small

    $ 175.00
    This gorgeous and stately vase is a beautiful silver, with a pearlescent effect. Its' modern design is a unique accent piece for... View Details
  • Swirly Vase - Small

    Swirly Vase - Small

    $ 95.00
    This modern and dramatically tapered vase is a beautiful swirl of cool blue and snow white.  5.75"D x 16.5"H View Details
  • Sardinia Vase - Small

    Sardinia Vase - Small

    $ 125.00
    Made out of aluminum, this nickel vase is perfect to display beautiful flowers. The ridged texture and banded base offers... View Details
  • Moroccan Side Table

    Moroccan Side Table

    $ 495.00
    Set your room apart with this beautiful side table. This unique table is made of textured, nickel-plated iron with a... View Details
  • Crusoe Dachshund Sculpture

    Crusoe Dachshund Sculpture

    $ 129.00
    This eye-catching dachshund sculpture will add a charming touch to your home decor. Made of brass and finished in nickel.... View Details
  • Psara Console Table

    Psara Console Table

    $ 1,195.00

    Psara Console Table

    $ 1,195.00
    This modern console table is made of wood and mirrored glass. It's geometric pattern provides the interest and makes a... View Details
  • Dotted Relief Vases In Cobalt Blue

    Dotted Relief Vases In Cobalt Blue

    $ 155.00
    This set of two studded vases are finished with a metallic-studded bronze finish and a beautiful cobalt blue. 9"L x... View Details
  • Adah Vase - Small

    Adah Vase - Small

    $ 115.00
    This beautiful teal glass vase has detailed etched lines creating a unique design. The perfect home accessory to display in... View Details
  • Mystic River

    Mystic River

    $ 999.00

    Mystic River

    $ 999.00
    This beautiful artwork is hand-painted on a canvas. The neutral colors are taupe and a dark gray/silver with a subtle... View Details
  • Reidshire Cinnabar Pillow

    Reidshire Cinnabar Pillow

    $ 129.00
    This rich and vibrant deep red pillow displays a beautiful geometric pattern. Its beautiful texture will bring a gorgeous texture... View Details
  • Wake Mineral Pillow

    Wake Mineral Pillow

    $ 145.00
    This luxurious pillow is a gorgeous texture which will add elegance to any room. Its' slate and navy blue colors offer a subtle pop... View Details
  • Aluminum Textured Photo Frame - 4 x 6

    Aluminum Textured Photo Frame - 4 x 6

    $ 45.00
    This aluminum textured photo frame makes displaying your favorite photos fun with a modern twist. 4" x 6"   View Details
  • Stacked Console Table

    Stacked Console Table

    $ 1,119.00
    This unique stacked console table is a beautiful brushed silver and perfect for any home. The table's round glass shelves offer... View Details
  • Quantom Table Lamp

    Quantom Table Lamp

    $ 439.00
    Cool and contemporary, this elegant lamp features a crystal base and finial with a glass post. Completing the look is... View Details
  • Double Solar Flare Mirror

    Double Solar Flare Mirror

    $ 275.00
    This stunning mirror is sure to add dimension to your space. The mirror is comprised of layers of thin metal from... View Details
  • Wise Egg Pedestal Nickel w/Grey Marble-Small

    Wise Egg Pedestal Nickel w/Grey Marble-Small

    $ 345.00
    Beautifully made, this pedestal table has a textured iron nickel-finished base with grey marble table. Available in small and large... View Details
  • Orwell Table Lamp

    Orwell Table Lamp

    $ 399.00
    This chic lamp will create a beautiful ambiance with its' soft glow.  The classic shape will work in any home... View Details